New and prospective volunteers are often intimidated by the extensive amount of information longer term docents have accumulated over the years. No one learns everything all at once and very few have perfect recall! Here are five fun facts that serve as an introduction to the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse:

Fun Fact #1

History always involves dates! We have several, but the most important is the day the light was lit for the first time: May 24, 1897.  more

Spring Point Ledge Light 1897
Creative License - SPLL in red, white and blue

Fun Fact #2

Post cards are a wonderful way of learning about historic places. We have a dozen or so that were published prior to World War I. They were painted in Germany from glass plate negatives. The detail of the lighthouse and surroundings is extraordinary, but having never actually seen the lighthouse, some of the artists got a bit creative with colors! The lighthouse has been painted white with black trim since a few months after it was completed (another story!).

Fun Fact #3

The breakwater that protects the harbor and serves to connect the lighthouse to the shore was not built until 1951. It is made of granite slabs weighing 3 to 5 tons and is just short of 900 feet long. Three football fields of granite is an easy way to remember it. Visitors often want to know!

breakwater from SPLL toward shore
the light bulb that shines more than ten miles

Fun Fact #4

The light that shines up to 14 miles is actually only 36 watts! This is due to the power and design of the lens, but that, too, is another story.  more

And #5 there are no bathrooms in the lighthouse!
(review fact #3)

Assistant Keepers Wanted

We’re looking for volunteers to enjoy sharing the lighthouse and its history with visitors from near and far.

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