Remember when we sold tickets and a small amount of merchandise from a tent near the breakwater steps?

That changed in 2013 when SMCC allowed us to use a garden shed that was repurposed for our needs and has served us very well.

The shed had space for the “lighthouse open today” signs, a beverage cooler, coffee maker, and a lot more inventory.

On nicer days — not too windy and not threatening rain — we set up tables in the front, creating an “open air” gift shop.

Refreshment and merchandise sales for the four year period were just over $50,000.

This spring, a new “shed” is being finished for us to use beginning this summer.  It is the same width as the existing shed, but two times as long and a lot taller, with ample loft space for storage.

Photo shows the building before students began finishing it for our use.  The front door has been moved to the left and the window has been replaced with a wide slider where we can sell tickets.  The exterior colors will be the same bright teal blue with white trim.

The big change is that visitors can come into the shop and browse out of the wind and weather.  This also means displays stay in place and we don’t have to set up tables and lug merchandise in and out.

Many thanks to the students, faculty and SMCC administration for what we are sure will be another game-changer for raising funds to preserve and share the lighthouse.

Trustees in photo: Linnea & June (seated) Keith & Chuck (standing, left) John, Doug, Brian & Art (standing, right) and Kathy & Bob in the doorway.